Hey fellas, here is my next news. Everithing about vert riding.

Two weeks ago I have been in Reens, France. Make weekends shows in vert ramp. Ramp was super small but all vert crew was funny... cool.

Next stop was Paris like a turist with my wife and after that I came bak to Czech pick up my friend and we left to Germany- city Bonn. There was ceremony openning of new vert ramp from Gramps. All day was nice. So many SK8 riders was there. On BMX me and Tim Eichert + European Legend Alex Rainke.

After this shows we drove to England. Skatepark Adrenalina Alley in Corby. There is one of the best vert ramp with resie. Its fun to ride this setup.I also wisited Mark Webbs gheto sheed hall and on the end of this trip skatepark in London which is in the church! so cool.

Thats it. Here ares some pics.

See ya

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