_mg_8108.jpgI bought my first bicycle in 1997 when I was 13 years old. Conditions for freestyle riding were completely different than today. My everyday riding was change in my first competition in year 2000, when I was noticed by my first sponsor. It was a big surprise for me and I was grateful for every help.

In this time, my riding was improving, the number of sponsors grew and I could my riding push forward. I didn't specialize on any discipline. I liked riding and the bike gave me everything and now it is the same.

During this period passed several important point in my life.

I graduated high school in Brno. In 2002 I won the first championship of the world in category vert (Expert). A year later I won championship of the world in category street (Expert) and in 2004 I won championship of the world in the vertical ramp (Masters). The year after I began cooperating with the brand with bikes Author/AGang where I take part in the development of BMX bikes and in my signature frame.

All I wanted was successful. But in 2005 came injury. In the training center Woodward camp in the U.S I severed ligaments in my knee and had surgery. I lost my all season. This bad year forced me to think and look on this sport and lifestyle little differently.

In 2006 I founded the sports agency VSA Xtreme, which specializes in the program with extreme sports.

After the first five years, my agency and the quality of services in this field reached the top in Europe and in the CR almost eliminated competition.

I had several knee operations and broken vertebra in the winter of 2009 but my riding is still at a high international level. Over these health barriers I still heading for the top extreme sports competitions like X Games and Dew Tour in the U.S., which I participate as the only one rider from the Czech Republic.

In 2010 I successfully completed Palestra College in Prague field of sport management. This step allowed me to improve my own training and skills and allowed me my professional sports experience to spread further, as a personal trainer.

In 2011 I participated a series of competitions Dew Tour in the U.S. on a vertical ramp, for the fifth time I was on Asia X Games in Shainghai and I was on the main X-Games in Los Angeles like the first summer extreme sports athlete in the history of the Czech Republic.

All my dreams I got. There are only few places in the world that I have not visited. Now I just want to stay healthy and stay in world's top BMX riders as long is possible.

Organizing events and supporting from my sponsors allows me ride best, earn living expenses and live my dreams. I'm not saying that riding is my job, because the bike is my life.